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Welcome to Pre Steetz Ragnarok Online private server!
Dear Friend,
Come and join us in Pre streetz Ragnarok Online..100% FREE with No IMBA item and No PAY to win..the server is 100% farming base server. Everything is base on your skills and char built knowledges to conquer top player of the server for fun and recall back your childhood memory in adventure of Ragnarok Online
Server Info
Max lvl 99/70 | Job 2 Transcendent
Pre-Renewall | Mid Rate Server
Exp: Extra exp booster
Max Status : 99
Max Aspd : 190
Dex no cast : 150
Drop rate MVP/Miniboss Equip : 10%
Drop rate normal Equip : 100%
Drop rate normal monster card : 100%
Drop rate MVP/Miniboss card :(Disable)
Max zeny :
Godly item : Disabled
Battleground : Disabled
NPC System
Healer | PVP Warper | Custom NPC | ETC
Commands Information
@commands @eventarea @custom command
Come and visit us on :
Website :
1. Download latest KRO and PreStreetzRo Lite Patch

2. Extract the KRO file and PreStreetzRo Lite Patch

3. Copy all the Pre streetz Lite Patch and paste into KRO folder

4. Run Streetz Pre Patcher and you are done! 
Kro Full Client :

FullPatch :…/elvcn…/PreStreetzPatcher.rar/file